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Providing reliable, quality care to prepare you for your next adventure

*There are only a limited number of spots in the program for each due date. If you’re interested in signing up, please contact us at 415-523-6317 to see if there are any spots available for your due date.


More Quality Time

Benefit from longer appointments and more time with your provider, so you’ll get the care you deserve


Team Based Approach

Tight collaboration between our prenatal providers and your primary care provider ensures individualized care to fit your needs

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You'll work closely with our experienced prenatal providers, and have access to UCSF's state-of-the-art birth center

"One Medical's prenatal care practice is unique because of our family-centered approach. All of our providers are trained as primary care providers as well, so not only are we able to care for obstetrical health, we are equipped to care for most of your primary care needs. This makes sense because pregnancy is not one sided."

Kyoko Peña-Robles, MD

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Becoming a parent for the first time – or adding another child to your family – is an exciting time. At One Medical, our prenatal providers support you through each step of your pregnancy. Our world-class team of healthcare professionals focuses on creating an individualized experience catered to your needs and desires.

As a patient in our prenatal program, you’ll receive your prenatal care with One Medical providers in our downtown San Francisco offices. Our prenatal providers include family medicine doctors and nurse practitioners with extensive training in women’s health and pregnancy, as well as an OB/GYN specialist who is available for consultations regarding higher-risk pregnancies.

We work closely with UCSF, a world-renowned academic hospital. In addition to all of One Medical’s benefits, such as our 24/7 Virtual Medical Team and on-site phlebotomy services, you will have access to all the same services UCSF offers to their prenatal patients. Some of our favorites include access to the Perinatal Diagnostic Center and Antenatal Testing Center, genetic counseling, the Women’s Health Resource Center, and various pregnancy, childbirth, and lactation classes. When it is time to meet your baby, you will deliver at the UCSF Betty Irene Moore Women’s Hospital, a state-of-the-art facility in Mission Bay, with support from a team of UCSF experts.

Please note: This program has limited capacity. If you’re interested in signing up, please contact us at 415-523-6317 to see if there are any spots available for your due date.

Why should I consider One Medical’s prenatal services?

Our providers will empower you with evidence-based knowledge each step of the way, provide thorough, individualized counseling throughout your pregnancy, and support a wide variety of approaches to pregnancy and childbirth, including natural and holistic options.

Patients in our Prenatal Care program benefit from:

  • Longer prenatal appointments
  • Evidence-based and up-to-date recommendations and treatments
  • Caring, thorough counseling regarding all of your concerns
  • An emphasis on partnering with you and your family around pregnancy decisions
  • Access to all One Medical services, such as on-time appointments, on-site lab work, email access to your provider, and our 24/7 medical advice line
  • A team-based approach -- your prenatal provider will have the opportunity to work closely with your primary care provider

Our team is pleased to be able to support VBAC (vaginal delivery after cesarean) and care for women of all ages.

What would my prenatal visit schedule look like?

You will schedule appointments with your prenatal provider throughout your pregnancy, and can expect to come in more frequently as you get closer to your delivery date.

  • Months 2 through 7: Appointments every 4-6 weeks
  • Months 7 through 8: Appointments every 2-3 weeks
  • Month 9 through birth: Weekly appointments
  • Postpartum Appointment: 4-6 weeks after birth

What should I expect from One Medical’s relationship with UCSF?

Patients who see a One Medical provider for prenatal care give birth at the UCSF Medical Center at Mission Bay.

Much like One Medical, UCSF follows a team-based approach. An obstetrician and/or a certified nurse-midwife, a resident physician, and a labor and delivery nurse will be present at your birth to ensure you and your baby receive the best possible care.

Services at UCSF include:

  • Access to anesthesiologists and neonatal specialists 24/7
  • Staff who are supportive of natural childbirth
  • Private labor suites containing bathtubs with Jacuzzi jets for use in labor
  • Access to UCSF’s Women’s Health Resource Center, which offers breastfeeding and parenting classes, lactation supplies, including breast pump rentals, and a lending library of books

Learn more about UCSF’s approach to obstetric care.

How do I sign up for One Medical’s prenatal program?

To begin prenatal care at One Medical, please call our office at 415-523-6317. A member of our administrative team will discuss the program with you, answer your questions, and confirm availability for your initial ultrasound and first appointment.

Can I deliver at a hospital other than UCSF?

We are partnered with UCSF so all patients in our program give birth at UCSF. We are happy to recommend another practice for ongoing care if UCSF isn’t the best fit.

Will the provider I see at One Medical be the one delivering my baby at UCSF?

Your One Medical prenatal providers will work with you throughout your pregnancy, but your birth will take place at UCSF with a team of UCSF providers whose focus is on labor and delivery. We will share your secure electronic medical records with UCSF throughout your pregnancy so that when you go into labor, your UCSF team will be thoroughly up-to-date. You’ll then come back to One Medical four to six weeks after delivery for your postpartum visit.

What happens if my pregnancy becomes high-risk?

Our providers are often able to collaborate with obstetricians who focus on high-risk pregnancy to manage your care. Depending on the level of your risk, we may need to transfer your care to UCSF, where you will have the opportunity to work with excellent specialists.

What if I want a home birth?

We’re only able to provide prenatal care for women who will be delivering at UCSF. If you are interested in a home birth, we can provide you with information about options in the Bay Area.

Which San Francisco providers specialize in prenatal care?

Our board-certified providers are trained to handle everything from preventive medicine to treatment of acute and chronic conditions. San Francisco team members who have a specific interest in prental care include:

For more guidance in picking a provider for your specific needs, just call 415-523-6317. And rest assured that there is no commitment in selecting a provider; you can always change providers at any time and for any reason.

Join the Program

If you’re interested in prenatal care at One Medical, please call 415-523-6317 to see if we currently have spots available in the program, ask questions, or schedule an appointment.

What We Handle

  • Regular pregnancy check-ups
  • Routine OB lab screening
  • First trimester dating ultrasound
  • Cystic Fibrosis screening
  • Glucose tolerance test
  • First & second trimester labwork
    for California Prenatal Screening Program
  • Postpartum visit

High-risk pregnancies and patients with complex medical histories will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please call our office to learn more.