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MD = Doctor of Medicine, the most common degree for physicians. At One Medical, most of our MDs specialize in either Family or Internal Medicine.

DO = Doctor of Osteopathy, an alternate degree for physicians, emphasizing the role of the musculoskeletal system in health and disease. DOs at One Medical typically specialize in either Family or Internal Medicine.

NP = Nurse Practitioner, a degree for nurses who complete master’s-level training and board certification in order to practice medicine. As nurses, NPs bring a special sort of caring to their work. Alternate degrees include ANP (Adult Nurse Practitioner), FNP (Family Nurse Practitioner), and WHNP (Women's Health Nurse Practitioner).

PA = Physician Assistant, a degree for providers who undergo extensive practical training and are licensed to practice medicine, including the full range of diagnosis, treatment and prevention, as part of a team with physicians.

RN = Registered Nurse, a degree from a nursing program that includes a broad base of health education and support for patient care at many levels. At One Medical, RNs are a core part of our Virtual Medical Team, working with both patients and providers.

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