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"My goal and philosophy in care is to empower my patients with the tools that they need to optimize their health and well being. I think my favorite part about working with patients is when I see that 'aha' moment when they realize they can do something they didn't think they could do to take charge of their health."

Farshad Fani Marvasti, MD, MPH

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Staying active is second nature to Phoenix residents. Locals brave intense temps to conquer outdoor adventures like Camelback Mountain hikes or South Mountain bike routes. And if sweating it out in the sun isn't your thing, you've probably tried an air conditioned barre, yoga, or Pilates class at some point. And staying on the go is great for your health - but it can also mean dealing with occasional injuries, aches, and pains. That's where the One Medical team comes in.

Our diverse team of primary care providers are here to help you with all of your run-of-the-mill musculoskeletal issues to help you stay moving, overcome athletic obstacles, and achieve all of your fitness goals. In addition to doctors, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants, our Phoenix team also features several doctors of osteopathy (DOs or Osteopaths) at our Kierland Commons office. Like MDs, DOs are licensed physicians and can effectively diagnose and treat a variety of problems, but their training also emphasizes the musculoskeletal system, so they have a special understanding of the connections between bones, muscles, nerves, joints, and how those connections affect your overall wellness. Some DOs also practice a technique called Osteopathic manipulative treatment (OMT), a gentle hands-on technique that can remedy a range of problems.

What kinds of conditions do you treat?

All of the providers at One Medical can handle an array of sports medicine issues and musculoskeletal conditions. If you're experiencing issues like knee pain, shoulder pain, back pain, or hip pain, a primary care provider can absolutely be your best starting point to care. They can evaluate your concerns and help guide you if you do need additional care.

Are you sports medicine doctors?

All of our primary care providers are well equipped to diagnose and treat a variety of sports medicine-related injuries and conditions. While many patients believe they need to see an orthopedist to address their musculoskeletal concerns, the vast majority of all sports-related injuries do not require the surgical care. Primary care physicians can effectively handle most of your sports medicine concerns and seamlessly integrate your diagnosis and care into the bigger picture of your overall health.

Which Metro Phoenix providers specialize in sports medicine?

Our board-certified providers are trained to handle everything from preventive medicine to treatment of acute and chronic conditions. Metro Phoenix team members who have a specific interest in sports medicine include:

For more guidance in picking a provider for your specific needs, just call 602-218-4077. And rest assured that there is no commitment in selecting a provider; you can always change providers at any time and for any reason.

How do I make an appointment?

One Medical is a membership-based practice that combines the highest level of care with exceptional services. Members support our practice by paying a low annual membership fee of just $149, which provides a full year of access to all of our urgent and primary care services. If we ever fail to meet your expectations, we’ll do our best to fix it.

It takes less than five minutes to join online, and once you sign up, you can book your first appointment online, on the phone, or on our app.

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