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At One Medical we want to take the discomfort and inconvenience out of getting blood work and lab testing done by offering services in-house at all of our Los Angeles locations. Lab testing is available at all of our offices, performed by our friendly technicians and phlebotomists on a walk-in basis with no appointment needed, just an order from your provider. Lab testing hours vary by location, but rest assured that your results are processed quickly and securely by our expert staff of lab technicians.

How can I get lab services at One Medical?

If you think you need a certain lab test, just talk to your provider about it during your visit or via email. In most cases, your provider will decide what tests to order depending on what they find during your visit, any medications you're taking, or health conditions you're dealing with. Healthy people may not need lab work very often, but if you're monitoring a specific health condition, your provider may order tests at regular intervals.

When are the on-site labs open?

Please refer to the local office pages for specific lab hours.

Will insurance cover my lab tests?

Every insurance plan is different, and the details of your coverage depend on your specific policy. While most lab tests are generally covered by insurance, you may want to contact your carrier before visiting the lab in order to ensure coverage.

If I’m new to One Medical, should I have labs done prior to my first visit?

No. In order to make sure we don’t waste your time or money, we’d like to meet you first. Your provider then can assess which tests are needed and write you the appropriate lab orders. You can transfer your existing medical records to us electronically - just use the medical record request form in My One.

Should I fast before my lab test?

You may need to fast for 12 hours before having certain laboratory tests in order to get accurate results. Your provider will talk to you about whether fasting is required for your specific test. You can drink water while fasting, but you can’t eat anything – the only exception is your regular prescription medications. Drinking lots of water before the test will make sure you’re hydrated, which makes drawing blood easier.

How and when will I get my lab test results back?

You can expect to get the results from your lab work in seven to 10 business days. After you take your test, a third-party partner processes it and the results are forwarded to One Medical. A board-certified provider will review your test information and email you with the results, an explanation of what they mean and recommendations for any next steps.

Can I get STD and HIV testing done at One Medical?

Yes. We keep STD test results completely confidential, as we do with all medical tests. If you believe you were exposed to HIV or viral Hepatitis, contact your provider immediately to discuss early preventive treatment options.

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