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Lower your health costs by giving your team VIP access to One Medical, a modern primary care practice that is in-network with major health plans.

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Primary Care

One Medical offers same-day, on-time appointments with top physicians in 60+ metro locations, so there's always an amazing provider nearby.

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Our Virtual Care team is on call 24/7 & our mobile app makes it easy to treat common medical issues & renew prescriptions without an appointment.

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From flu clinics to exclusive full-time centers, One Medical can create an onsite experience that's right for your business.

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Why One Medical?

Improve Access

Did you know it takes people an average of 18.5 days to get in to see a primary care doctor in the US? Limited access means people are more likely to use urgent care, the ER and specialists – driving up costs.

Reduce Costs

With One Medical, high quality providers are available 24/7, so companies see an increase in primary care utilization – and a decrease in ER, urgent care, and specialty claims - which reduces overall health care costs.

Delight Employees

The One Medical patient experience is convenient, modern, and a highly desirable employee benefit for busy workers. Invest in your team's health and wait for the rave reviews and positive return on your decision.

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Upgrade your employees' health care experience.  

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