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"I want anyone to be able to come to me, whether they’re lesbian or queer, monogamous, polyamourous—whatever—and know that they're not going to get any judgment or shame or guilt. I want folks to feel they can ask for what they need, get those needs met, whatever that means, and know that they'll get zero assumptions and just feel safe in an open space of big-hearted love."

M. Victoria Albina, FNP-C, MPH

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We're proud to offer comprehensive, culturally competent care to our diverse community of members. Whether you're specifically looking for a lesbian or gay doctor or a provider who has extensive experience in LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) care, we can address all your health concerns with sensitivity and compassion in a judgment-free environment.

Finding the right physician can be a challenge, but One Medical's Chicago providers have the skills and experience to fit the needs of all of our LGBT members. No matter who you choose, your primary care provider will treat you with dignity and respect and deliver unbiased, nonjudgemental care. With several locations throughout the city and convenient, 24/7 care via our mobile app and virtual team, you’ll be able to get quick, confidential treatment anytime, anywhere.

Why go to One Medical for LGBT care?

We recognize that going to the doctor can be stressful for anyone, and the experience can be especially difficult for anyone who's had negative experiences with health care. At One Medical, we celebrate all identities, including gay, straight, transgender, queer, gender non-conforming, and genderqueer. Our goal is to make you feel welcome, comfortable, respected, and valued, and we’re committed to providing excellent care to everyone.

Unlike many other primary care offices, we ask our patients whether they prefer feminine, masculine, or gender-neutral pronouns, and we allow you to lead the discussion around personal topics related to your health, including gender identity and sexual orientation, at your first wellness visit.

What kinds of health services do you provide to members of the LGBT community?

We go to special lengths to create a safe, non-judgmental space for our members to address all their health concerns. We do this through thoughtful communication, empathy, and unbiased care. Our providers are equipped to handle the full spectrum of primary care health concerns as well as a range of issues specific to the stressors LGBT patients may face. In addition to comprehensive wellness visits, our providers are experienced in issues related to depression and anxiety, cancer prevention and screenings, weight management, and substance use, as well as issues related to sexual health, including STD and HIV prevention and care, and pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP).

Research suggests that LGBT patients may be at an increased risk for issues including depression, anxiety, and substance abuse, and our providers have extensive experience in managing these issues.

Do you provide transgender care?

Yes. All of our providers are qualified to provide quality, unbiased care, and certain providers have special training and experience in managing transgender care. This means that in addition to making sure patients feel safe and understood, these providers have additional expertise around hormone management, surgical referrals, and interpreting lab results. When making your first appointment, ask which providers in your area are experts in transgender health.

How do I pick a doctor who can handle LGBT issues?

All of One Medical's providers deliver inclusive care, but providers who have special training or expertise in LGBT health care issues will have "LGBT Care" noted under the "Interests" section of their bio. Moreover, you can always call and speak with a member of our team who can help you select a provider who best meets your needs. You can book appointments with the provider of your choice, and can change your PCP at any time if you decide there is someone who might be a better fit.

Which Chicago providers specialize in LGBT care?

Our board-certified providers are trained to handle everything from preventive medicine to treatment of acute and chronic conditions. Chicago team members who have a specific interest in LGBT care include:

For more guidance in picking a provider for your specific needs, just call 312-999-5512. And rest assured that there is no commitment in selecting a provider; you can always change providers at any time and for any reason.

How do I make an appointment?

One Medical is a membership-based practice that combines the highest level of care with exceptional services. Members support our practice by paying a low annual membership fee of just $199, which provides a full year of access to all of our urgent and primary care services. If we ever fail to meet your expectations, we’ll do our best to fix it.

It takes less than five minutes to join online, and once you sign up, you can book your first appointment online, on the phone, or on our app.

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